Basic Analogue Electronics
simple Intro To Circuits

A TechTut electronics course, to master the basics. You won't need any complicated maths or physics background for this course. You will though, still learn enough to build a simple audio amplifier.

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On completion of this course you'll not only learn a lot about how electronic circuits work, but you'll also get to take home the audio amplifier we will build together.

This course is designed to introduce you to the basics of electronic circuits through the construction of a small audio amplifier. Using clear examples.

This is what we will cover:-

  • What are Voltages and currents.
  • Explanation of transistors.
  • Breadboard circuits
  • How to use a Multimeter
  • Hot to build an audio amplifier.
Price is £140 Includes four weeks of access to the Share To Learn online tutorial website, Also 4 hour long skype calls are provided within that period. Plus you will have email access to your tutor duing the whole period. The two hour class session will run monthly. Normally on the first Thursday of the calendar month. Space is only available for 5 attendees at any one time.

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What happens on this kick start course?

After completing this class, you'll have a working knowledge on basic electronic circuits. You'll learn the following concepts.

These constructs will be introduced during the building of a small audio amplifier.

Why does this course matter?

Because the world is changing fast. Much of this change is via programming small computing devices. But you can now learn the basics via this gentle intro into this technology revolution.

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