Tech Tutorial Playground For Grown Ups

Children pick up technology with ease because they have fun with it. These tutorials are aimed at anyone aged from 12 to 80 who wants to learn about technology through a mindset of play not work.

"Don't let Technology beat you down. You can be its master and control it and you'll have more fun than you can imagine in the process."

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Learn Technology Easily

Understanding complex systems is not so difficult anymore. By adopting the correct pedagogy through share to learn and clear video instructions, even advanced concepts can be mastered.

On the Tech Tuts courses you'll have access to expert help online direct with the tutor through the share to learn website and through email. Your tutor provides for you deeper knowledge as a guide and confidant. You will never have to sit through a series of dry classroom lectures.

Working through videos and exercises online, combined with a carefully controlled classroom interactive session, makes the learning process a lot more fun and far more effective.

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Share To Learn

On these courses you will be asked to set a five minute tutorial for the class where knowledge sharing can happen. This will allow you to really learn the subject deeply as you will naturally want to deliver a clear lecture for the other attendees.

The class attendance will provide deeper explanations, sharing and finding answers to areas you need help with. You'll have already worked through the material before attending the class session, via the online "Share To Learn" website. Details here.

“While we teach we learn”
(Seneca 4 BC - AD 65)

technology classes oxfordshire technology classes oxfordshire

Sharing to learn produces deep understanding

We are in at the re-birth of an earlier method of pedagogy. Instead of the usual passive lectures that we've all been conditioned to, It was proven long ago, that it is far more effective and much more fun to learn a subject through play and lesson preparation. A strong and enjoyable motivation becomes one of being able to explain and share your new knowledge with the others on your course. The tutor trainer in the room then just becomes an expert guide who sets-up, controls and drives these learning events. Resulting in a more enjoyable learning experience.