Tech Tutorial Playground For Grown Ups

Children pick up technology with ease because they have fun with it. These tutorials are aimed at adults who want to learn about technology through a mindset of play not work.

"Don't let Technology beat you down. You can be its master and control it and you'll have more fun than you can imagine in the process."

For more information on all our tech courses or any other questions you might have, just fill in this form below.

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How do I enroll and how much will it cost?

The classes for each course are designed for a small group of five attendees only so enrolment has been kept very simple. To enrol just contact us through one of the course registration forms or ring on 07739351114. The course fees are shown on the course pages. Once you have made contact you can then make an initial payment for any course of 50% of the course's fee. You'll then get sent a user name and password. So with a simple phone call and initial payment completed, you can start watching the video tutorials immediately.

Each class phase is given on a fixed specified date. This is normally the same day for the same course each month. So if you feel your not ready for the first class session you can just continue studying using the online phase until you are ready.

On the week before the class room session at the venue begins, the remaining 50% will then be paid through the "Share to Learn" website or using BACS or even a cheque by post. If, after having made a final payment for any reason you can not make it on the given day, you can simply attend any future one that is scheduled, without having to pay anything extra.